Sunday, March 19, 2006

And now for some things I don't appreciate so well:

- When the internet connection is spotty and I can't get to my blog as fast as I want to
- When I leave my 5-lb. weights laying around and then I trip on one and stub my toe
- When the toilet keeps running long after I flush it because the chain/plunger thing in the tank is screwy, which means I have to take the lid off and mess around in the tank
- When a bad case of spring allergies morphs into a baaaaaaaad cold
- The fact that I'm always at the very opposite end of the house when the phone rings, which requires running full-boar either up or down the stairs, only to find that it's an unknown name/unknown number on caller i.d. so I don't answer it anyway
- Clamato juice... i've never actually tried it, but the name is enough

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