Friday, July 18, 2014

Hot time, summer in the city

The irony is that I think it's not even 70 degrees outside, and yesterday it rained a good bit of the time, but for the most part, goodness gracious, does that title apply... Except that I keep hearing things like "Oh, honey, this isn't hot! Just you wait!" and someone told me recently that I'll know it's hot when people start wearing iced-filled turbans all over the place. Oh, dear.

Anyway, here's the summer so far:
There's a long list of things I miss about WA and the Pacific Northwest in general, but I will say this for Texas: the sky is very often beautiful, and the sunsets and sunrises are lovely. 

The town we've landed in is right on the water, and has a little harbor; when the temperature dips slightly lower than the surface of the sun, I bet it it will be a nice place for walks :)

The 4th of July was fun because we spent it at a lake house with a mish-mash of new and old friends..
Caleb and Jen, who are still Washingtonians (and used their vacation to visit us, hooray!) but would like to be Texans...and we would like them to be, too!
Shannon and Heather, who are brand new Texans via Kansas City, and who have two charming boys, who respectfully declined having their picture taken. I let this slide because there will be a billion more photo opportunities in the future and they don't yet know how persistent I can be :)
Have I mentioned before that I have a handsome husband? 
Somehow I missed snapping a picture of Ken & Lisa, who actually own the lake house and the dock from which we were able to watch the sunset. This makes me feel crummy; I'll pay better attention next time. Also, they are originally from Texas, but lived in WA for a couple of years, and then moved back here a little less than a year before we did. Texas is a magnet that just keeps pulling people in! :)

We spent a day in Fort Worth, wide-eyed at the long horns; they're pretty amazing!
Hey, it's the elusive Kansas City boys!

What else? Oh, yes - the Truck Yard, which is a bunch of food trucks all circled up together. It was closed when we went, so we'll try again. 

And then please meet Bessie, who is our first nod, art-wise, to the South. I loved her on sight, and Jan Michael gives her the thumbs-up, too. I feel like I'm blazing a trail in the arena of home decorating, what with trying to mix WA and TX, but I'll make it happen! ;)