Friday, August 16, 2019

Ledgestone Insurance Open

Two and a half years ago, at a Sunday morning fellowship meeting in the middle of Michigan, we met a family with whom we've kept in touch ever since. Last month, we were all within a stone's throw of each other in Illinois, and spent the day together at the Ledgestone Insurance Open, watching our friend Carlin compete.

Jan Michael and I remember disc golf from our college days (20 years ago, what?!) but I don't think either of us were aware that one can be a professional player until we met Carlin and his parents. I will also say that both of us find it pretty cool to be able to say we have a friend who plays disc golf professionally.

Of all the things we've experienced the last couple of months, there are three that stand out in my mind as quintessentially summer, and the hours we spent trailing Carlin around the course at Lake Eureka is absolutely one of them. I can't remember the last time we spent so much time outside, surrounded by water and trees and fresh air. Also, and this is very irresponsible of me, summer never feels quite like summer unless a decent sunburn is involved, and we were certainly able to check that off the list. There was even a stand selling snow cones near one of the holes, be still my summer loving heart.

And then, as the cherry on top of what was already a sundae of a day, Jan Michael was able to act as caddie for Carlin, which was an unexpected and enormous treat. He had so much fun doing it, and I had so much fun watching him.