Monday, July 30, 2018

Here we go again

One of my New Year's resolutions was to be a faithful recorder of all we're doing out here on the road.

I have failed!

I'd like to try again.

Also, I need some kind of creative outlet that's cheap and takes up very little room, and this fits the bill. So...

Our job situation has changed slightly in that rather than having a dedicated testing trailer and route of our own, we're now a relief team. This means that we hop around to different trailers, taking over for other tech teams who are on vacation or otherwise absent from work. Theoretically, this also means that we work less and have more free time, which necessitates a home base of sorts. While we would love this to be WA, it's simply not feasible for a variety of reasons. And so, for a variety of other reasons, we find ourselves landing in Atlanta when we have a decent chunk of time off. When we moved to Texas four years ago, I was certain it was the end of the earth and we couldn't possibly live anywhere farther from WA. Ha, ha and ha.

Poor Atlanta, we had preconceived notions of it that were not favorable. We've done that several times, assuming that a city is an armpit and then being pleasantly surprised. There's a wealth of really fun, interesting things to see and do in Atlanta (of which we've only scratched the surface), and there are neighborhoods full of old houses and gigantic trees that charmed us right off the bat. (The traffic situation, however, does fall squarely into the armpit category.)

One of the first things we did was buy an annual membership to the botanical garden; we've visited twice now, once in the spring and once in the summer, and it's been beautiful both times.

And about those delightful neighborhoods I mentioned above: 
I hesitate to run around snapping pictures of other people's houses as that would make me uncomfortable as a homeowner, but I some things are tough to resist. I tried to be very discreet about it, though :) I can't wait for walks here in the fall!