Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Another helping of spring

I think in WA I didn't pay enough attention to spring, mostly because it was just a means to get to summer. Here I appreciate it quite a lot because I know what's coming :)

This was right after Jan Michael left for work one morning, and I remember the sunrise, the temperature and the breeze all combined to take my breath away for a minute.

We're making a habit of Saturday dates; they always have something to do with exploring outside and I like them very much. Two weekends ago we ate apple fritters at a tiny park we visited the very first night we arrived in Texas, and on the way home we ran into a lovely field of blue bonnets. 

And I like evening walks under clouds that look like mountains :)

P.S. This is on the late side, but I tried something new with Easter eggs this year: gel food coloring. It worked spectacularly, so much so that I think I'll dye every egg I hard boil from now on :)