Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Onward & upward

The husband of my youth is now the husband of my middle age. In other words, we have left our 30s behind and now reside in the strange and wonderful world of the 40s. Also, for the record, I think this business of one's 40s marking actual middle age is rubbish; in lots of ways we're both still waiting to feel like grown-ups :)

I spent months thinking of ways to celebrate our birthdays (bubble soccer! a trapeze class! a slip n slide football battle!), but in the end, we decided a change was in order. And so, at the beginning of April, we secured positions with a mobile hearing testing company that will allow us to travel all around the country and Jan Michael left his career at AT&T. We sold or gave away most of our things, waved a teary goodbye to everyone we love in Texas, and are now back in our old Washington stomping grounds for the next two months. On August 1st we'll leave for company headquarters in Illinois, and after orientation & training, our new adventure begins.

And now the springtime edition of some of whom and what we miss from the Lone Star state:

I guarded my heart for a very long time against appreciating anything at all about Texas (just because it wasn't WA, which is beyond ridiculous, I know), but then I came to my senses and when it was time to go, I grieved leaving the very dear people who have permanent places in our hearts. We have family now way down south and we are both so thankful.