Sunday, April 03, 2016


Just a few pictures of what spring looks like in these parts :)

Now, a update from the aging chronicles: We will turn 40 soon [ only in body; we are much younger in our minds :) ], which means we've decided to become acquainted with running up the hill outside our neighborhood. It is long and steep (or at least it feels that way while we are huffing and puffing) and so far we're able to manage two times up in a row; our goal is ten. Running is my exercise nemesis, but I have very fond memories over the years of slogging along while Jan Michael zips on ahead and the sun shines up above and the music of our youth blares in my ears. It's the sort of thing wherein the actual doing of it is kind of miserable, but the after is worth the ick, and it makes me happy that we can do it together :)