Monday, September 24, 2012

Mason jars and grapevines

Just a glimpse into the day before Zach and Shannon's wedding...

What they say is true:
Many (willing!) hands make light (happy!) work :) 


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Seabrook

True or false: The two of us + Derek & Sara + a weekend at Seabrook = the very best way to wave good-bye to summer and hello to fall. 

True, of course. True, true, a thousand times true!

Among the bazillions of awesome things we enjoyed, two of my favorites were dog paddle races in the pool and S'mores for breakfast on the porch. 

Now, if you've not yet visited, what in the world are you waiting for?! You will love (!!) it, I promise! 
 I'm so sorry for everyone who's not had the treat of Sara's crepes for breakfast. I think I ate 12, and I stopped there only because I like to give the impression of being a lady:
Our Sara baked the two of us a belated birthday carrot cake with all of the things a perfect carrot cake should have (walnuts! raisins! pineapple! cream cheese frosting!), and I ate so much of it that I was rendered comatose. Evidently I become less concerned about ladylike-ness when dessert is on the scene :)
We didn't have any candles, but 36 x 2 would have burned the poor house down anyway, so were were happy to pretend:

Saturday, September 01, 2012


I love summer and I love fall; counting the ways is practically impossible, the two are so full of lovely things . And, because September is the perfect mix of the best of both, I love it, too.

So, isn't it fitting that today, on the first day of such a dandy of a month, I looked up and saw this? 
'Ahhhhhhh,' says my happy, contented heart :)

P.S. We spent all day at the fair, and between piggy races and pygmy goats, we exchanged pleasantries with this gentleman:
'Teeheehee,' says my laughing heart :)