Monday, August 31, 2015

At the lake

I say this every time we travel to the boys: If they can't live closer to us, I'm so glad they live in a place that gives them so many opportunities for outdoorsy things. Three cheers for lakes surrounded by evergreens and nephews who are part fish :)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

By the sea

Each time we visit the boys, we stay at the same little resort. It's perfect because besides having a playground and a small pool, it's right on the water. So, when Derek & Caleb wanted a quick break from Uncle Jan's old Legos - which wasn't too often :) - there were all kinds of opportunities for shell collecting, rock skipping and general beach combing...and sunrise & sunset gazing :)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Going west

On September 1st, no matter how toasty it is in these parts, I am going to pull out every fall decoration we own and start burning pumpkin spice candles. But until then, here's what part of our summer has looked like; it's been a good one :)

We spent the last two weeks of July in British Columbia and WA and it was the highlight of the whole season for both of us. Getting from Texas to the Sunshine Coast is a little bit of a process - a flight from Dallas to Salt Lake City, another from Salt Lake City to Seattle, driving from Seattle across the border to the north side of Vancouver, a ferry ride, more driving, another ferry ride, and more driving after that - but there are beautiful things to see all along the way and it gave me an excuse to take pictures of two of my favorite things, the sky and the water :)