Friday, February 19, 2016

A Dallas Saturday

About 3 weeks ago, our friends Ken and Lisa (with whom we lived during our first month as Texans), delivered some sad news: they are being moved to Atlanta. AT&T seems to be making of a habit of transferring people half-way across the country without consulting me, and I think it's dumb.

Anyway, we've been trying to fit in time together while we still can, so on the last Saturday of January, we spent a few hours exploring the city. We parked on the West Dallas side of the Continental Avenue Bridge and walked across it...
into the Arts District. We meandered around the water gardens at Fountain Place...
before turning around and marching back over the bridge. All of this walking made us feel justified in eating brunch at Smoke (blueberry pancakes with vanilla poached apricots and apricot nectar syrup AND whipped cream!), after which we drove to the Bishop Arts District and wandered around some very fun little shops and boutiques:
I was all for making ourselves comfortable at the Dallas Grilled Cheese Company (I do not see how a restaurant with fried bologna sandwiches and caramel & sea salt milkshakes could ever be a bad decision), but my companions were still full from brunch (amateurs!). I didn't pout about it for too long, though, because it just means we'll have to plan another trip that way before Ken & Lisa fly the coop :) 

It was all around such a lovely day, and a wonderful way to wrap up the first month of the new year.