Saturday, September 28, 2019

Joy and sorrow interwoven

Toward the end of July, we flew back to WA to remember and honor and celebrate the life of our dear Uncle Ted. It was a whirlwind of a trip, not nearly long enough - we arrived late Thursday night and by Saturday morning, were back on a plane bound for Illinois - but our time there was precious and full. I have long felt that if I could design the perfect summer, it would involve an enormous amount of time in tents and on lakes with that side of our family; we love them and are connected to them in ways that make us thankful.

These pictures were taken after Uncle Ted's service at the home he shared with our Aunt Barb. The view is glorious and I like to think being surrounded by such creation and considering who is responsible for it is a comfort to her.

And then there's this: Our cousins have 13 kids between them, all of whom have quite an appreciation for their cousin-uncle Jan. Story time in the grass while the sun sets over north-central WA is not a bad way to spend an evening, and was a sweet thing for the rest of us to witness. 

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