Saturday, September 01, 2007

Labor Day shenanigans, chapter 1

Today we hopped in the car, braved holiday weekend traffic, and headed south to Mike & Kristin's for a get-together & barbeque. There were lots of very fine folks there, including some of our dear college friends, so it was also a sort of Western mini-reunion. We had scrumdidiliumptious food (blackberry pie by Kristin & cake by Jenny & hamburgers by Mike : yum-o!), played rousing games of bowling & baseball on the Nintendo Wii, took a trip to the park for wiffle ball and ultimate frisbee, and enjoyed each other's company. It was a very good start to a three-day weekend, so thanks to M & K for letting us all invade :) [It seems I somehow missed taking any pictures of wives or kiddos. Grrrrrrr.]

Former Buchanan Towers boys

Grand Salami!

Mike, Jan Michael, Matt, Marshall, Todd & Mark - Wiffle Ball Wonders :)
Ultimate frisbee, which I think is the official sport of WWU


jm said...

had a lot of fun, thanks mike for putting it on

amy said...

looks like fun!