Sunday, September 16, 2007

All done

Boy, when our neighbors decide to do something, they get on it right away. They had the old fence ripped out within the day, and by the evening, the new posts were going in.
Jan helped with the whole process, which made everything go faster, but also, now he knows what to do, and we'll be able to build the other two sides on our own.
Quite pretty, isn't it? Also, the tree on the right side used to live in the middle of an old, rotten stump. The neighbors pulled the stump out for us, which was ugly & not my favorite part of the landscape, and helped us re-plant the tree. So, now we have a brand new fence (which we will begin to stain this week), and our tree has a much better home.


Anonymous said...

VERY NICE! Looks great
Love, Mimi & Granpa

derek said...

sweet!! You shouldn't have made this known to all because fence project folks will be coming to you now ;)

Nevyn said...

i charge by the minute