Sunday, September 30, 2007


Happy, happy birthday to our most precious eldest nephew! It pulls at my heart to remember how excited we all were for his arrival three years ago. He's such an affectionate, funny, bright little guy, and we're proud that he's a part of us :)

Derek & Sara hosted a party for him yesterday, which Jan & I couldn't attend, but Derek has been kind enough to let me steal his pictures for your viewing fun.

They began the shin-dig with some action on the boards.

Have you ever seen such a hip 3-year-old? I didn't think so!

Derek & Sara win the award for super cool Uncle & Aunt with the gift of this SWEEEEET ride. They did not make bikes like this when we were 3!

I love the joy on his face in this one :)

He reminds me here of someone who's won the lottery :)

Peace, brotha!

A very tasty raw cake made with love by his mama :)


amy said...

Happy birthday Little D! Enjoy the bike! Sweet lookin' ride!

jen martin said...

That's awesome!! I, too, LOVE the pictures you have posted here and the JOY in the little guy's face! It makes me smile just thinking of it!!

Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post - very good memories! The trouble is all the rain we have had since. Derek wants to ride and we have had the rain and wind to limit his forays on the bike. Mimi

Jeff & Aleigh said...

You can tell that just just LOVES his new bike!! His enthusiasm shines through his smile and excitement!! :o) Happy Birthday Little D!!