Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I've been considering this business of New Year's resolutions. A lot of people, it seems, think they're a bunch of bunk, and maybe that's because a lot of people have trouble keeping them. But I don't think that means it's bad to make them. When people don't end up following through, they can just start over, or make a brand new one that's more realistic to begin with.

So in the spirit of encouraging all of you resolution-makers (of which I and Jan Michael are two), I have advice from my very wise (in more ways than one) father-in-law. Many moons ago, he coached Jan & Derek & scores of other kids in basketball and soccer, and the following guidelines are the foundation on which he built his teams. (And they won a lot, by the way.) I've posted these before, several months ago, but they're worth another look :)

1. Listening excellence
2. Team player-helper
3. Passing accuracy
4. Tight defense
5. Aggressive ball-goal attack
6. Goal setting excellence
7. Recover
8. Stable serious practice
9. Mental alertness
10. Practice practice practice
11. Commitment


T & B Burgess said...

yes yes yes! I need to write down mine...Troy and I start one tomorrow...the weight count down *grin gotta get rid of all that baby fat.

sheppam said...

I CALL POPPYCOCK!!! New Years resolutions are a waste of time unless you set a finite goal. Resolutions should have a number attached to them such as 'I will devour EXACTLY 400 doughnuts this year' or 'Each month I shall challenge and defeat precisely 12 ninjas in combat' (That's 144 for the year, WOW!). Resolutions like 'I will strive to become an active listener' will be dropped because you have no way to gauge your progress.

Hilary said...
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Hilary said...

Allow me, Mike, to heave a long- suffering sigh as I prepare to explain this to you. Those things are not meant to BE the resolutions. They're meant to be ENCOURAGING & INSPIRING in the face of challenging and defeating, for example, precisely 12 ninjas in combat. Maybe during certain months, 12 ninjas seem too overwhelming. Then, in your moment of weakness, you can refer to the list, and read things such as stable, serious practice, or committment, and it will spur you on to victory. Try to keep up, would you?! SHEESH.

sheppam said...

In that case I respectfully retract my statement, although I feel that I should point out that you'll never defeat 12 ninjas a month if you don't go in KNOWING YOU WILL WIN. Ninjas can smell fear.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I agree with you Hilary, those items are excellent applied to all areas of life. Love, Mimi

momma kohl said...

I have only one resolution that I have come up with since I have no spare time to spare...hee hee! Did that make sense?? And to think that baseball is starting up soon! Egads!!! I totally agree with your post!