Sunday, January 20, 2008

Family and culture in the same day!

We went with Brent yesterday morning to the building site, and I will sum up the three hours we were there in one word - misery. It was freezing (FREEZING!), it was raining, it was muddy, and ice had to be scraped off the boards that were used for framing the walls. Twenty minutes into the misery, I was certain I had frostbite. I didn't stop complaining the entire time. In situations such as this, it's handy to have a patient, long-suffering husband.

You'll be relieved to know that the rest of the day was more than salvaged as we spent the afternoon in front a warm & toasty fire with our parents and nephews.
We built a carwash and a garage and probably 25 different towers. Derek is my favorite person to play Legos with :)

Some of us had more fun than others.

We colored and pasted and cut, and had a discussion about our favorite colors.
"Derek," I said, as he scooted across the floor on his horse, "Tell me what a cowboy says." "Cowboy says," he shouted, "I'm having funnn!!!"

Derek graciously agreed to interrupt his hockey game to take a picture with us.
Is Jan Michael's shirt not one of the coolest ever?!
How I love these people! (And you'll notice that Little D went right back to the hockey - no rest for the busy!)

After so much activity, we gave hugs and blew kisses and went to meet my parents. They took us out to dinner, and then to a concert at the local community college. We saw the California Guitar Trio, which is made up of a man from Japan, a man from Belgium, and a man from Utah. They met years ago while studying the guitar in England, and have been playing together for about 16 years, and are really, REALLY amazing to listen to. They played several of their own, original songs, and some other popular songs that they've arranged, and the whole thing was a big treat. My Dad gets tickets to things like this through his bank, and I'm hoping, hoping, hoping we'll be able to see a group of Celtic singers that are coming in April.

So, all in all, lots of good together-ness and memories made :)


jen martin said...

Fun times!!! I always love the pictures you put up of your nephews. Their facial expressions ALWAYS just crack me up!!

Thanks for sharing!!

mom & dad Pearson said...

and HOW we love you! Thank you for a
great day! Many good memories are right on!

amy said...

Oh gosh - the little ones are so cute and expressive! I think I have seen that pout in more than one picture - the look of you want to take a picture of me, why? :) Sounds like a good day!

Danny said...

Oh wonderful Hilary, hahahaha, your comment on Caleb's grumpy face made me laugh out loud!
Thank you!