Saturday, December 01, 2007

We are the funnest family. It's true.

Today we celebrated the Pearson Family (Only-A-Little-Bit-Belated) 2007 Thanksgiving Hoo-Haw, and it was fantastic. I bet you're wondering who was there, and let me just tell you. There was our Dad & Mom, Brent & Danny & Derek & Caleb, Derek & Sara, Grandma Ruth, Grandma Ruth's sister-in-law Paulette, Paulette's daughter Martha, Martha's boyfriend Bruce, and Martha's kids Paula & Dylan. I think lots of people feel this way about their own families, but I really think I have the the best one in the universe. And I don't think it was an accident that I married into it, either. But that's a discussion for another time.
Jan, Brent & I began the day with a few hours work on the house. It was so cold, I could hardly breathe. And I was the one that was sent into one of the heated houses to sand and prime for painting! J & B had to work outside, in temperatures akin to the Antarctic, framing. It began to snow while we were there, and it didn't stop, and you'll see what I mean in a few pictures.
Derek was a little reluctant to smile for the camera, so Uncle Jan remedied the situation by chewing on his arm.
And what can I say about this one that would do it justice? (That's dried mango that D-ster is eating, by the way. With a fork.)
I think I'll frame this one.
This is the sort of greeting Grandma Ruth gets when she comes into a room :)
Happy boy :)
We played a very raucous game of Pictionary. What you're witnessing here is Dylan thinking, "I can't BELIEVE you numskulls didn't guess what I was drawing. MAN."
There always has to be a picture of these three. It's the law.
And I always jump at the chance to get a picture with my sistas, too. But the picture of me was dumb, so I cropped myself out, and now you have the pleasure of gazing at these two lovely ladies.
Family love!
It's fortunate for all of you that I keep a tight reign on the mush when I post pictures of Jan Michael. Because I have lots of mushy things to say, believe me.
Here is one of the 3 trillion reasons that Derek is indisputably awesome: He hopped into my lap, opened the little New Testament/Psalms book that Danny found for him, and preceded to serenade us with "Baby Beluga" and other hits popular with the younger set.
Precious Dad & Mom!

Prologue: We arrived home safely, despite intermittent snow flurries all along the freeway, a few slips and slides coming into town, and one instance of getting stuck on the big hill that leads to our house. There must be 3 inches of snow outside right now - a very cozy way to end a very happy day.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a day brightener to see your photos and read your comments!
You have some really good shots. Thanks again; I am going to go to your blog to see them every time I want to be cheered up.
Today we are having monsoon weather.

Jeff & Aleigh said...

What a wonderful day for you all!!! I love all your comments and it's great that you have such a wonderful family!! :o)

amy said...

Love it! What a great day for you all! No cropping allowed :) How are you handling all the rain?

Hannah said...


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