Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fun friends and gingerbread

We were graciously invited by our friends Caleb & Jen to build gingerbread nativities with their family last night. Here's a glimpse...
This belongs to Ocean, who will turn 5 next week. He likes a lot of embellishment, it seems.
This is Jaguar's creation. She wasn't as heavy-handed with the candy as her brother, as you can see (although Jen said she was eating it hand over fist, which could explain the absence of so much decoration). What I love most is the cookie next to the nativity with the tiny nibble out of it.
And then the grown-ups (I use that word very loosely) took a turn.

Sugar coma!

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Amanda said...

Ahh, the sugar coma. Anyone know how to detox from a week long sugar buzz? Think I'll run today.

I just love to see you two in action. And I love your gift for Jan Michael. Cozy, cozy.