Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Warm hearts

In response to the incredible, devastating flooding in Western Washington this week - most especially in Southwest WA and on the coast - a Seattle radio station held a supply drive at IKEA today. People were encouraged to bring food, clothing, and any other neccessities the flood victims need, and the goal was to fill a semi with the donations. The outpouring from people all over the region was so overwhelming that SEVEN semis were filled, over $53,000 in cash was given, and $5000 in gift cards were contributed. The radio station had to close the collection site two-and-a-half hours early because there just wasn't any more room to hold the all of the donations.

Hearing about this was good for my heart, and so I share it with you :)


amy said...

Oh how wonderful! I saw one of the trucks made it there tonight/today! Yippee! Are your parents still out towards the plant? They okay?

Hilary said...

Amy - My parents are in town, and they never flood. If they did, we'd know something was REALLY wrong :) Thanks for asking :)

Danny said...

Wow! Awesome news, thanks Hilary :)