Thursday, December 13, 2007

No more tomato soup!

I'm sick to death of looking at that tomato soup mess every time I open up our blog, so I'm posting this picture of us from last December. It's old, but it's one of my favorites. We don't have any recent pictures, even though my parents came last weekend for an early Christmas celebration and we had a lovely time.

Also, isn't this the best time of year for mail? I love trotting out to the mailbox to see if any new Christmas cards have been delivered. I like to tape them on the wall below our bulletin board in the kitchen. So far we have 5. And 1 Christmas letter. I love those Christmas letters. I've heard so many people scoff and talk about how dumb they are, but I think they're neat. It's fun to hear about a year in the lives of our family and friends. And it's wonderful to know they care about us enough to include us. Anyway, it's just another thing I enjoy about the holidays :)


Jeff & Aleigh said...

That is an adorable picture of you guys!! You're so fun, loving!! :o)

Hilary said...

Thank you, Miss Aleigh :)

T & B Burgess said...

We loved getting one from you!! We hope to get one out by the end of January *grin