Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The very merry month of May

May is my favorite month. We were born and married in May, and those things alone are quite enough to rocket May to the top. But wait, there's more! I love the anticipation of a new season, waiting just around the corner, that swirls around all month long. I love Memorial Day weekend and that it signals the beginning of summer in my sun-crazed heart. I love May flowers and May ice cream cones and long May evenings. I like to cram as much fun as possible into each of the 31 days, and I like to think that finding the fun is one of my most honed skills.

The first thing I'm going to do as a high-five to May is reinstate '3 Good Things.' I won't have to look far to find them, but in the midst of the big to-dos, I want to be very mindful and grateful of the small, everyday things that make our life so sweet. I've also decided we will take a family portrait every day until we flip the calendar to June. There might be moments when we feel less enthusiastic about sticking to the program than others, but when we're 75 and remembering our younger years, we'll be glad we took ourselves in hand and pushed through :)

 So... Ready, set, go!

 1. A morning walk with my dear L and T It's such a privilege to have friends that are so helpful to my heart.

 2. This, said with a smile by my husband at lunch time, when I told him I would be home later than usual  because I would be shopping for a frilly apron to wear while I bake: "I love being married to you."
                                                 Mission accomplished!

3. The white pickup driving along in front of me this afternoon, loaded down with brilliant purple azaleas and a tree budding with fuchsia flowers - such a treat for my eyes while I rumbled down the road!

 Portrait #1 - Our serious side:


Anonymous said...

Hil, I always love checking in with your blog, you often put a smile on my face, though I am remiss to let you know. But today it was extra special and spurred me on to let you know. How lucky you and Jan are to be married to each other and I love remembering that special day!! I look forward to seeing each of your 31 family pictures! Maybe I will do that some month, How Fun!!
Happy May!

Anonymous said...

H; I love how you write! And where did you get that apron?! Love it! And Jan's comment!