Friday, May 04, 2012

3 good things, a double dose

From yesterday:

1. Having my eardrums blown out with Jan Michael's spontaneous bellowing of "She's a babe, yeah!" at the top of his lungs in his best operatic voice

2. My new favorite cupcake recipe:
Vanilla Bean (except without the bean because I used regular old extract instead) with cinnamon vanilla frosting = maybe I will eat cupcakes for breakfast for the rest of my life

3. Pizza and puzzles and books and 4 fierce rounds of Hide-and-go-seek with Eric, Tessa and Miss E:

Family portrait, round 3:

From today:

1. Waking up to a clean kitchen - I fought the procrastinating monster the night before and won! :)

2. An early morning chat with my Mama, in which we discussed important matters relating to Pinterest amd birthday barbeques

3. The funny, kind family I work for on Fridays, who are always so grateful for my help and generous with their compliments - today I was called a miracle worker :) - and who also happen to be the proud owners of  Hughie: 
I'm kind of crazy about him. He, however, was not so crazy about being banished to the backyard while I mopped the floor :)

Family portrait #4:
                                           See why he calls me a babe? :)

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Lynn said...

Oh, Hilary, this is tooo cute! LOL. That's what I call being a babe!!