Tuesday, May 08, 2012

3 good things, a traffic jam

Yikes! What a rotten job I've done with sharing the good things! It's not the finding of them that's hard; it's sitting still long enough to type them out!

On Saturday morning I exhibited behavior that would not be found on any list of good things at any time or in any place. Jan Michael is under the weather - still! STILL!! - and just when we were set to drive south for a weekend of crazy fun with our family (a yard work party! a barbeque! cheesecake! togetherness!), his sore throat took a turn for the worse and he decided to stay home. So, the first good thing about Saturday is my husband's storehouse of patience and tolerance in the face of a wife who, at nearly 36 years old, can throw an award-winning tantrum. I find that the line between childlike and childish is very easily crossed sometimes...

Before I hopped in the car for the long, lonely ride south, sans husband, we took this lovely family portrait. I think it captures the sick (him) and the petulant (me) quite nicely:
We've taken a break from the family portraits since then. It's not quite as fun to play with the camera when you feel crummy, you know?

The second good thing about Saturday was the meatloaf sandwich I ate while sitting on my parents' living room floor. It had plenty of ketchup and a huge side of Doritos, and while I my temper about Jan Michael's on-going crud had dissipated, I was cranky about just being stuck behind the world's longest and slowest- moving train  when I desperately had to go to the bathroom because I'd fueled my long, lonely drive south with a Coke Zero. So, I told my parents my tale of woe while I ate their food, and I felt better. My Mama makes a really good meatloaf :)

Things began looking up in terms of my attitude shortly after that, and the good things (which are always there, but sometimes a rain cloud of a mood does a good job of hiding them!) started to pile up:

- My new friend Carlos, who is 5 (almost 6!), loves Monopoly and gets the best mischievous look in his big, brown eyes
- An almond oil facial with the mother-of-my-heart, which we chased with a splash of rose petal witch hazel
- A last-minute, late-night trip to the grocery store with the sister-of-my-heart because Sunday morning french toast needs french bread! :)
- This text from Jan Michael: 'I'm eating corn dogs and thinking of you'

On Sunday, I was flooded with good things, among them:

- A mason jar mug from the father-of-my-heart. It's maybe too much to explain here, but the gift paired with the giver is so special to my heart.
- An encouraging Sunday morning fellowship meeting
- A better-late-than-never birthday barbeque for our Dad, which included our most awesome Uncle Willie, who was just cleared to drive on his own after a stroke in March
- Serious discussion about our Mama-and-sis weekend at Seabrook, just 3 1/2 weeks away!
- The weather! So sunny and warm that part of the afternoon was spent lolling around on the patio
- A happy reunion with my Jan Michael, whose throat was sore but whose spirits were high

Yesterday and today's edition coming tonight!

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