Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring steals my heart

Today has been magnificent: sunny and warm, with just the right bit of breeze, and birds chirping their little hearts out all the live long day. It's the sort of day in which my responsible side starts to pester the rest of me about lawn mowing and weeding and blah blah blah.

Without really any effort at all, I soundly ignored my responsible side. Instead, I went shopping for cute cupcake papers and flip-flops, ate a small - but entire - loaf of sourdough while I zipped between shops, tucked my ill husband in for nap, and took a slow, meandering walk down the trail.

 Can you believe that sometimes I don't appreciate spring as well as I should because I'm waiting on pins and needles for summer to arrive already? Shame, shame on me because this is what I miss when I only give spring a passing glance:

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