Friday, October 03, 2008


About halfway through the day, were caught in an infamous Florida rain storm. It lasted exactly long enough for us to dash into a gift shop & buy rain ponchos big enough to cover Shamu himself :) (And Florida rain is a far cry from Washington rain!)

Clyde & Seamore take Pirate Island!

I wanted to have my picture taken with him...

but had to settle for this guy instead :)

Touching the stingrays at Stingray Lagoon was one of my very favorite parts of the day. About 200 swim around & around a shallow pool, and you can reach out and pet them as they glide by.

SeaWorld's website describes it as getting a velvety high five, and it's true!

Shark encounter!

At the Pacific Point Preserve area, you can buy containers of fish and feed the seals & sea lions. We felt like we were spending enough money feeding ourselves, so we just watched other people flinging the fish around - what a fun thing to see! Jan took a video & we'll post that later.


Jen said...

Third picture that fat thing a walrus?!? It's HUGE! I understand, though, why the man is wearing such a hideous the walrus doesn't EAT HIM!!!! *laugh*

The shark picture...SCARY!! That critter right there is one reason why I will never learn to put my little toes in the ocean (or very far out in the ocean, anyway!). :)

Hilary said...

Yes! That fatty is a walrus! He was sort of yucky and endearing all at the same time - I think his mustache was the endearing part :)

Anonymous said...

Walruses are so obscenely fat, and they jiggle all over when they move!
But the rays are so velvety - they have a petting zoo at San Diego too, i still remember the feel, a real thrill to touch and feel something so alien to my every day world. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with sharks from what i have read humans are more dangerest then sharks and not as friendly as for the pic of the seal show that reminds me of watching em at west ed mall ...good times

Danny said...

Thank you so much for all the fun and beautiful photos!!
It reminds me of San Diego too, that was a LONG time ago!!
My favorite parts were the walrus/pirate show, the stingrays to pat, and the orca show :D