Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Jan Michael is a great fan of roller coasters. The higher and faster and more spirals & loops the better, he says. I like the smaller ones just fine, but the big boys always scare me to death, at least at first. And since Krakken is certainly not small, and since it was the very first coaster we rode all week, I had to screw my courage to the sticking place and force myself to be brave. But in the end, all of the heart palpitations were worth it - we rode it twice :)

Here I am, hoping against hope that my seatbelt will do its job and that I will not go whizzing through space and be smashed to smithereens on the pavement somewhere.

This is our new hobby: Every time we ride a roller coaster, we will buy the picture they take as we're careening around at 100 miles an hour. My favorite things about this one are Jan's look of eager expectation for whatever's coming next, and that my hair is standing 3 feet off my head. Roller coaster pictures help keep a girl humble.

All finished and still alive! (I had my doubts, you know.)

Journey to Atlantis isn't really a roller coaster since there's just one drop at the very end, but we couldn't resist the picture.


Daisy said...

You rock, Lady!l! There is no way I would get on a roller coaster. I am a huge wimp! :P Love the pictures!

Jen said...

I have to admit that I think you're a good little wifey for joining your husband on these roller coaster adventures!! :) I'll also admit that the expressions I've seen on your face in today's post are EXACT to the ones that can be found on MY face should I ever find myself crazy enough to step foot on a coaster...and it HAS happened. :)

Hilary said...

Oh, I made it sound worse than it was :) I really do like them - I just have to ride two or three before I'm really comfortable.

Lainey said...

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

I think it is wonderful too; to have a picture taken while on the ride.
I do have to admire you both for looking human - my expression would be so scary that it wouldn't even be funny. I always think i am going to lose my lunch plus several yards of guts - hence i never have set foot on one for years.
You both look like you are having fun.

Sara said...

Crazy Crazy!

lehkost84 said...

glad to know that you made it somehow. i love the last photo, so sweet.

Danny said...

hahaha, great photo's. The one at West Ed Mall takes the photo right as you come out of the tightest loop, rode it about 7 times in a row with my cousin and ALWAYS looked awful, I blame it on the pressure of the loop ;p
I used to love these coasters but found that because I am so thin I am not held in them tightly enough and get rattled around a bit too much, gave me a back and neck ache for months after one summer session :( No more for me :(