Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Somehow we didn't take as many pictures at Epcot as at the other parks, even though we were there for a good 8 hours or so. There are lots of things, from the world showcase to the crazy attractions, that we thought our families would really enjoy, so maybe one day we can all go together :)

We ate lunch in Germany at the Biergarten. Any place that serves all-you-can-eat sauerkraut & has a leiderhosen- wearing band gets enthusiastic reviews from us! In keeping with German tradition, you share a table with other diners, and we had fun getting to know a family from Wisconsin and a couple from Spain.
This is at the entrance to Morocco, and we noticed afterwards, as we were looking through our pictures, that the couple on the left is the very same couple we ate lunch with at the Biergarten! A small world, to be sure.

This is just outside Tokyo Dining, which is where we ate dinner later that night. We had very tasty tempura & sushi and also a decent view of Illuminations, the fireworks spectacular that is put on every night over the lagoon.


wg-theshiner &THEpreciousMISSUS said...

What fun memories and look at that blue sky and trim & fit Jan Michael & Hilary!

Amanda P said...

These photos are enough to make a girl want to pack my bags right now. We're saving...for a date when the littlest of the boys is big enough to go. ;) It looks like you had a fabulous time, and happy anniversary! (Oh, and did you see we have the same background? We must have similar tastes...exactly what I was thinking when I saw your quilt- we have quilts on every bed, love 'em!)