Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busch Gardens

We spent our last Florida day at Busch Gardens in Tampa. We enjoyed seeing the animals (although the Gatorland extravaganza from the day before was nearly impossible to beat), but really the highlight of the whole deal was the rides. We spent half the day soaking wet from things like the Congo River Rapids and the other half drying off while whizzing through the air on roller coasters. A super way to end our super fun, very unforgettable vacation :)

I don't think either of us had even seen a baby rhino before. And even better than that, we were lucky ducks and saw one RUNNING across the grass to its parents. It was clumsy and awkward and adorable and an absolute treat to witness.

We saw real gorillas but none of them would pose with me.

The Cheetah Chase is about as wild as a regular old ride at a county fair, but you'd never know it by looking at my face. Absolutely no one was riding this, so we rode twice in a row, without even having to get out of the car. We walked past it again later in the day, and still nobody was there. I think the poor kid operating the ride was bored to tears.

On our second ride, Jan thought we should actually pretend to be chasing a cheetah, but I had my hands full just keeping my eyes open.

This is Shiekra. It has a 300 foot vertical drop and was the craziest and best coaster we rode all week long. And because of it, we are planning our 11th anniversary trip next May to Cedar Point in Ohio. It's the roller coaster capital of the world (there are SEVENTEEN!)- we can't wait!!

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Love the coaster pics. Great tradition! You should make a flip book!

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