Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays

Another birthday hoo-haw! We spent a very delightful evening with Troy, Beth, Joe, Danny, Gentry, Elaine, Victoria, Grant & Reid. Grant & I share a birthday, Jan Michael's is Wednesday, and Reid's was last week, so it was a celebration times four! Troy & Beth have the best backyard for fun - they have a trampoline and a swing, with a seat just big enough for those of us with older, and thus, bigger bottoms. (You'll notice I've not posted any of the pictures of me in the swing!) Besides a barbeque of grand proportions, we stuffed ourselves silly with Elaine's very tasty ice cream cakes, one with mint chocolate and one with coffee & chocolate. As always, though, the very best part was spending time with dear friends. We're inviting ourselves over again soon, you guys!


Grant shows us his stuff! He's very good!
If I didn't resemble a deer in headlights, this would be a very lovely group picture, wouldn't it?


We were messy guests, it seems :)


Jeff & Aleigh said...

I love that pic of you and JM!! It's adorable!! Happy Birthday to you all too!! At least you get all the celebrating over at one time, right?! ;o)

jen martin said...

Well, it looks like EVERYONE just had a jolly-good time! That's great!! :)

wg-theshiner &THEpreciousMISSUS said...

What fun times! You looked great Hilary - no deer in the headlights!
Thanks for sharing.

Lainey said...

I wish you and jm would stop being so cute in all the pictures. Hows that supposed to make the rest of us feel? HuH? :) We really enoyed our time with you!!

Troy & Beth said...

We had a blast too! Let's do it again!