Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Murder on Mystery Island!

It's the handiest thing to have both of our birthdays and our anniversary in May. It gives us the excuse to do all kinds of silly, fun things, and our friends are always very sporting and agree to participate in whatever schemes we come up with. This year we thought it would be fitting to celebrate our first decade of wedded bliss and our 64 combined years of life with a murder mystery dinner party. We had very authentic island-inspired decorations, a four course dinner with a hodgepodge of our favorite summer foods, a very messy birthday cake, and a dreadful crime to sleuth out. I was the murderer. No one suspected me. No one ever does with things like this.
We like to set the mood when we have a party.
We had a very motley cast of characters. Christina was the former college housemother for the rest of us, and Craig was a Hollywood script writer.
Christina, incidentally, was given the award for very best costume. She also stayed in character for the entire party; she's the kind of gal you want at a shin-dig like this.
Sheryl was a socially-challenged neurosurgeon and Bill was a saucy sea captain.
Jen was a very glamorous TV actress, and Caleb was a 5'2" computer genius. His pants were much too short and made us laugh and laugh, especially when we learned that he wore them to his real job for an entire week when AT&T instituted a dress code.
Jan Michael was a Midwestern business man on vacation. Isn't his get-up great? The picture doesn't do his shorts justice, though. It's hard to beat a pair of very short white Dockers. I was a brilliant soccer mom. It was such a grueling ordeal to dig up a pair of sweats and a hoodie as a costume. I never, ever wear those things, you know.

Happy early birthdays to us! And happy late birthday to Jen!, who turned 28 last week.


This is Me said...

What fabulous fun, you guys are great! Did you go somewhere to do this party or do it at home? As always, you're fabulous with words...

Hilary said...

Thank you :) And we had the party at home. We spent all morning the day before doing yardwork so people could actually find their way to the front door :)

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Looks like you had a great time!! I've never been to one of these but they sound like alot of fun!! :o)

Daisy said...

Happy Birthdays and Anniversary to you both! :)

We were driving down the road through town the yesterday and saw you waiting for the light, Hilary. The kids were both yelling *It's Ms Hilary! Turn around Daddy! We forgot to wave!* :s They send their *Hello*'s to you both!