Monday, March 12, 2012


Outside my window... It was light at 7:00 tonight! Yippee for daylight savings! How I love these longer and longer days.

I am thankful for...
- phone calls that keep our family close
- help and love from God
- joy
- a cozy house while the rain falls and the wind blows
- my husband the excellent dishwasher emptier
- antibiotics (and the means to buy them) which give a big, fat karate chop to staph infections

I am learning...about different things that apply to my heart. Too many to list here :)

From the kitchen...Today I tried a new recipe, one for pineapple ginger smoothies. I was all excited about it, but after a bunch of chopping and grating and blending, ...yuck. Not even using a fun straw to sip it helped. I was going to make myself drink it anyway, because who wants to waste a bunch of fruit and expensive-as-all-get out ginger? Then, guess what we discovered? Jan Michael likes pineapple ginger smoothies! He, who refuses my tasty spinach and strawberry concoctions - what a weirdo! :) - proclaimed it delicious. Disaster averted!

I am wearing...exercise clothes, the same things I wore when I exercised yesterday. Even the socks. Gross, I know.

I am creating...a list of what exactly needs doing in our bedroom, bathroom, and one of the spare bedrooms. This includes paint, lots and lots of clean, beautiful, fresh paint. By the end of this month, at least one of those rooms will be painted, or else.

I am reading...a silly murder mystery. It's the kind of story in which the murder isn't even important, and you can figure out whodunnit without any trouble (if you even remember that a crime was committed in the first place). Stuff and nonsense, really.

I am hoping...for a little bit of sun the next few days, but I may have to practice patience instead.

Around the house...The garage sale pile is growing and growing. I have spring fever, I think.

I am hearing...the clickety clack of the keyboard.

One of my favorite things...from Costco is the Oil of Olay body wash. The smell, oh the smell!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
- Work, work and work again (this is a good thing!)
- A phone date with our little brother, whom we will see in person for the first time in ages in just three weeks!! I can't wait.
- A walking date with my friend T (which is one reason I hope and hope for sun)
- A running date at the track, in which I try desperately to improve my 1-mile speed, and Jan Michael zips around like nobody's business
- Bible study
- Friday night teriyaki and sushi
- A Saturday slumber party with Derek and Sara - hooray!!

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Lynn said...

All sounds good!! And I have been guilty of wearing clothes into the next day, yes, including exercise clothes. :)

I know what you mean about heart issues and it being too much to even list! We have so much to be thankful for!