Thursday, March 01, 2012

Marching in, an addendum

I've decided to sack the '30 Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude' project from Tuesday's post because the very first picture is supposed to capture my favorite food. Favorite food?! Does this mean I must pick one that I like above all others? I could not, would not pick just one, not in a million years. So, I'll work on this list instead:
'Up' is much more reasonable than 'Favorite food,' don't you think?

This morning was rainy and gray, but this afternoon the sun chased the gray away, and there were lots of billowy white clouds. This is what I saw when I looked up:

Also, when we flew home from California on the first day of February (one month ago already?! Yikes!), this is what we saw when we ourselves were up:

And one more thing: This has nothing to do with today's photo challenge, but it makes me happy, and maybe it will make you happy, too :) If not for my uncanny ability to wither any flower or plant with just a glance at 20 paces, I would skip right back down to our little grocery store and haul a truckload home in a heartbeat.

Happy March 1st to you! :)

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