Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trees of Mystery

First, please pardon us for accidentally putting the camera on a crummy setting and taking grainy pictures. It made us madder than wet hens, too. Now, then:

At the Trees of Mystery, you can have your picture taken with Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox, walk beneath some of the world's biggest trees, and take a gondola ride through the treetops on the Skytrail. We endorse it enthusiastically.

There are 12 living trees on this Family Tree, all with one trunk.

The Lightning Tree
Lots of people are married each year in front of the Cathedral Tree. Almost 1000 years ago, a huge tree stood in the middle of the formation, and instead of dying when it fell, the roots sprouted and these nine trees grew together in a circle around the original stump.
This is the Brotherhood Tree, and it's one of the largest living things in the whole world, even though it once lost 74 feet of it's top in a terrible storm.
One whole section of the trail was full of things carved with chainsaws. This snake is only slightly smaller than the one that invaded our campsite on the Upper Missouri.
The logger is pooped, but my Jan Michael is NOT!

We'll take one of these models on our next canoe enterprise :)


Amanda P said...

Where were these photos taken because we need to go there yesterday!!

mames said...

those are really cool! I am sure our krew would love to visit there!

Hilary said...

Amanda - It (Trees of Mystery) isn't too far from the Oregon/California border, around 35 miles south I think, on Hwy 101. The boys would love it!!

Amy - You guys should totally go! Absolutely worth the drive!

Sarah and Dan said...

Went here as a child, and still remember Paul Bunyon talking to us. When we clambored onto him to take a picture he said, "Get off my boot!" I think someone in the gift shop was having a good time with a loudspeaker. We loved it! Makes me want to look for old photos next time I visit my parents. What fun adventures you are having this summer!