Friday, July 17, 2009

In which we find one pleasant thing about Seattle

We do not like Seattle. It takes an hour and a half just to drive there, even though it's probably only 20 miles away, and besides that, there are throngs of people everywhere. It's loud and crowded and busy and we can feel the very life being sucked out of us every time we visit. BUT. My brother Adam lives there now, and he is the very reason we're changing our tune about venturing into the city. He lives in the best neighborhood, and roaming around it with him has been brilliant. Seriously, hanging out with him has been one of the best parts of the summer.

I have agreed, at great personal sacrifice, to use this our weekend house.
And this one, too, when I become bored with the first.


Jen said...

VERY cool skyline pics of the city!! :)

Honanoon Royalty said...

I see both Jan and the huckleberry ice cream snuck into the picture of us - check the sunglasses and the shorts :)

Jan Michael said...

lol honanoon royalty

that's going to make me chuckle all day long.

good catch, i didn't notice that

mames said...

phenomenal photos! I was thinking the first house was your brother's until I read on...:)