Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fern Canyon

Of all the things we saw in the Redwoods, Fern Canyon was our favorite. We were really kind of awe-struck, actually. I think our mouths were hanging open the entire time we wandered through it :)

The canyon has been carved over the eons by a small stream, and the walls are covered in five different kinds of ferns. The trail is just one mile and it's also flat, so it's accessible to everyone from kiddos to grandmas and grandpas. And it's where Jurassic Park 2 and one of the original Star Wars movies was filmed, so we're counting it as hob knobbing with a celebrity, too :)


Jenny said...


derek and sara said...

wow that looks really cool. Someday we will beat the Redwood curse that has been put on us and make it down there. This will be first on the list

Jan Michael said...

you may have to fight the nausea of lugging your cameras down there derek for the fern canyon alone.

the pictures that we have are terrible compared with the experience, i'm positive you could get closer with your gear