Sunday, May 17, 2009

Of boys and puppies

Our Saturday with Brent, Danny and the boys was sunny and happy and fun, fun, fun.

We spent this afternoon with my sis, my brother & my parents. We ate lunch outside, languished in the sun and were entertained by the antics of Gus.

Gus belongs to Shannon, the lucky duck. He likes sunning himself on the deck, chewing on flip-flops and squeaky bones...

and Jan Michael.
He really, really likes Jan Michael :)

Oops, I need to work on my cinematography skills.


Jan Michael said...

man! Ryan really burned those arms!

Anonymous said...

Oh, fun to see your photos. Great fun, boys and the cute puppy!

Jen said...

Wow!! The littlest nephew of yours (can't remember his name! :( has grown up SO much since the last pictures that I saw of him! Thanks for sharing in all of your fun! :)

Hilary said...

We thought the same thing, Jen! We hadn't seen Brent & Co. since February, and Caleb is certainly lots bigger and talking up a storm. I suppose we'll have to allow him to grow up :)