Sunday, May 10, 2009

We present....

the story of our 11th anniversary, which was yesterday, and which means that we have now been married 33% of our entire lives. We had planned to play a round of miniature golf and visit the Japanese gardens, but my poor husband had a mid-air collision last weekend at basketball and hasn't been able to move much (or breathe very well, for that matter) ever since. We decided a trip to Urgent Care would be a better choice, so off we went. The doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer that begin to work fairly quickly (and for $102, it should, dadgummit), so we were able to have a fun lunch later in the afternoon at a sushi restaurant. The place we ate at was neat because we were seated around a huge circular conveyer belt and whenever something sailed by that looked tasty, we would just reach out and grab it. The rest of the day involved a lot of lying around and being together, which was perfect; we like being together :)

We did venture across the lake to the gardens this afternoon, and just as we suspected, it was beautiful. It was also overflowing with lots of people, so next year I think we'll go on a week day and avoid the throng.

And before I forget, we also did some shopping for our camping adventure with Derek and Sara, and we model our purchases for you below:


Amanda P said...

Glow-worms. :) Don't forget the flashlights.

Jen said...

You guys are goofs!! You make me laugh!! :) Can't wait to see camping pictures!! :) Oh, and don't forget the mosquito spray!

Beautiful gardens! It's so green there. We are just starting to get green on our trees, but at 7200 ft., greeness comes very S.L.O.W.L.Y.

derek said...

haha that last picture is awesome. Can't wait! It will erase our previous camp adventure from the mind :) And happy anniversary!

Lainey said...

What is Orange?
Hilary and Jan Michael
In their sleeping sacks
Smiling silly grins,
Laying on their backs!

That is way too fun!

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy - Happy Anniversary!
You show the right spirit...when disappointments come, look on the bright side. That will carry you through any experience.
Your fans,