Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Living the dream

Thanks to the funniest Taco Bell drive-thru guy the world has ever seen, Jan Michael, Derek, Sara and I have declared 2009 the year of living the dream. We began living it with four days of serious family fun: a midnight ride in Capitol Forest, canoeing, Danish Rounders, cruising all over tarnation on the finks and the bicycle built for two, more mountain biking, and immense amounts of good food. Fantastic, every single bit.


mames said...

oh my gosh - that looks like a blast. I have not been on a canoe in ages. I should borrow my dad's and take the kiddos out!

Anonymous said...

OH - WHAT A GREAT time we had! I want to do it again soon! Lubs to you!

Amanda P said...

I pray for such adventures in the years to come with my three boys as they grow. I'll be like you though, and not forget to live now..