Sunday, November 18, 2007

Las Vegas, Chapter 1

Here we are in the shuttle on the way to the airport Monday morning. I wanted proof of the sort of weather we were escaping. I love Jan Michael's expression because it clearly says, "My wife is a big doofus for wanting to take a picture in the Wally Park bus, but I love her and I will humor her."
Fast forward several hours later, and here we are, safe and sound at the hotel with our sweet ride. It was sort of surreal to be able to drive around with the windows down in November. You can't do that in Washington, you know.
And then, before we hit the buffet, I had to rest my poor tired feet. The boots I wore were not made for walking. Or standing, really. As it turns out, they're only really good for looking at.
On Tuesday, after breakfast at - get ready for it - the buffet, we roamed around and explored Sam's Town. It's really a neat place. The hotel is a big square, and inside the square is an enclosed courtyard with a huge waterfall and all sorts of beautiful flora and fauna, which you will see more of momentarily.

Our room was on the 8th floor up behind the waterfall, and it was fun to be able to look down and see the entire courtyard below. They also had a show several times a night involving the waterfall and music and maybe some lights, but somehow we managed to miss it.

It's shots like this that make Derek kick himself for not hiring me as a poster girl.
And it's shots like this that make me congratulate myself for snagging such a cute husband :)


Derek and Sara said...

I like blogs!! Good to be able to see the goings on and we look forward to the rest of the trip!

amy said...

Oh that looks beautiful! Where is Sam's Town? I went to Vegas and don't remember that...lolol Glad your trip was safe! Can't wait to hear more about the trip!

Mike, Amanda, and Dane said...

So glad you included us in your short and busy trip! Thanks!!

Danny said...

Wow, looks like a fun place!
Hahahaha, I love your dialog's Hilary, can't wait to see the rest of the trip!

Anonymous said...

We too, are delighted to be able to see some of the sights you visited. And to read your dialog...we too are looking forward to seeing and reading more. Thanks for sharing!
your loving in laws.

Lainey said...

Looks like a great time but you must be drying out like terrible! We are getting the moisture we so badly need here in the NW, sorry you have to miss it.

Derek and Sara said...

when does chapter 2 hit the stands??