Monday, November 26, 2007

Chapter 3

I apologize for the delay between chapters 2 and 3. First, we were stuffing ourselves with turkey (haha, get it?!), and then the internet was down for a couple of days, of all the inconvenient things.

On Wednesday we set out to explore the hotels we hadn't seen the first time we visited Las Vegas. Caesar's Palace was easily my very, very favorite, especially the mall, because of the statues and architecture. So, so, SO beautiful. It makes me want to grab Jan Michael and fly off to see the real deal :)

I tried to stop taking pictures of these statues, but I just couldn't. They were calling to me.

This is at the entrance of the FAO Schwarz. Pretty brilliant to have a trojan horse at Caesar's Palace, don't you think?
AND you could actually scramble up and stand on the balcony!

At the Mirage we went to Siegfried & Roy's dolphin and white lion & tiger habitats. Of the three, the dolphin was our favorite, and we watched her for quite awhile. At first I thought the two gals in wet suits were trainers, but actually they were just super lucky ducks that probably paid an arm and a leg to be able to frolick around with her.

The tigers, of which there were two, were fun to watch because they were so active. They did a lot of roaming around the enclosure, sauntering right along the fence, so we were able to get lots of good looks at them. The lions, however, were lying in a big heap, not unlike bumps on a log. No amount of calling to them or pleading with them or stamping my feet at them made a bit of difference, so we didn't take any pictures. And that'll teach them, that's for sure.
I remember wondering why they had a swan in the same area as the lions and tigers, but anyway, here it is, and very pretty, too, I think.


Anonymous said...

Wow pretty spectacular! Thanks for sharing! Your loving in laws

amy said...

I love hearing about your adventure at Vegas!

Lainey said...

Wow Hillary, you look just like that statue behind you. HA Grant happened to be standing here and saw it and said "Now, that is just gross" I guess it is just a matter of taste. Looks like you had a wonderful time!