Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Sunflowers and corn

While I have a minute, I want to share two of my favorite things from our road trip to Illinois at the beginning of August. We've done so much traveling since we left WA; I feel like these pictures were taken eons ago, but really it's been less than a month. Time flies!

In South Dakota there were fields and fields of sunflowers along I-90. I've seen them growing in gardens of course, but never millions stretching out to the horizon. It reminded me of the blankets of color we see every year at the tulip festival in Skagit County.

And then in Illinois, there were cornfields here, there and everywhere..really, everywhere. We were given the strong impression that nobody who's lived in Illinois for any length of time is impressed by this, but for two Pacific Northwest kids, it was a fun thing to see. 

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