Sunday, September 18, 2016

A reunion on the coast

One of the fun things about traveling around as mobile hearing technicians is that Derek and Sara are doing the same thing, and at the beginning of the month we were able to reunite with them in Corpus Christi. We'd not seen their faces since 2014 (outrageous and unacceptable), so we were long past due for time together.

Jan Michael and I had not been to the Gulf Coast before, and wading in the water was just like being in the bath. I was expecting Pacific Ocean temperatures, but no :) 
While Sara and I were splashing around, the husbands were chasing after the thousands of tiny crabs that were scuttling around everywhere. Every time I look at this picture, I'm impressed that Jan Michael was quick enough to snap this little guy while he was standing still:
Derek and Sara spent two nights at a very fancy-pants RV park (excuse me, a resort), and the only thing separating them from the beach were houses like this:
And we stayed in a hotel right on the bay; we spent one evening roaming around the waterfront together. 

Jan Michael and I were also able to tour the USS Lexington, a World War II air craft carrier anchored in the bay. She has the longest active service life of any another Essex-class ship, and after her decommission in 1991, was donated for use as a museum. There are five decks altogether (the flight, foc'sle, gallery, lower and hangar), with really interesting exhibits on each one. And after spending a few hours there, we decided that sailors have buns of steel - up and down, down and up all of those ship ladders dozens of times each day ;)

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