Sunday, May 03, 2015


Our friend Ryan was with us for a few days last week and we took him to....the arboretum. One-trick ponies around here :)

I love snapdragons; they will always remind me of my Grandma. I would have fields of them if I could, meaning I would have fields of them if my black thumb wouldn't kill them on the spot.
And if this was our backyard, I would get nothing accomplished inside the house ever:

This was not taken at the arboretum, but just outside our neighborhood and we will explore it soon. To get there, we'll have to sneak under a bridge that crosses swampy, stagnant water, which means we'll have to dodge a million mosquitoes. Worth the risk, I say! 

This wasn't take at the arboretum, either. It was shot on location at Lowe's, but it's too pretty to leave out :) And it makes me miss the hydrangeas at our WA house. 

We had quite the thunder & lightning storm while Ryan was here, and he & Jan stayed up until the wee hours taking pictures and video. I should have joined them out on the porch because sleeping was impossible with all of the booming and crashing :)

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Lynn Hasty said...

Beautiful pictures! I love this time of year. We have had some pretty impressive lightning this year as well. Didn't get any pictures though. It's so scary but so fascinating! Take care! Always love hearing from you!! xoxo Lynn