Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A garden party

Our sis is getting married in precisely 39 days and on Saturday, after a wonderful Thursday-to-Friday whirlwind of baking, cooking and cleaning, my Mama & I welcomed a group of lovely ladies, all gathered together in order to shower our girl with love and fairy tale wishes.

What a privilege it's been to have a part in this season of her life, and can we all agree that whenever we see someone so dear to our hearts, being surrounded by such a genuine outpouring of love, it's just like getting a big, sparkly present ourselves? 

Let's have a close-up of the desserts, shall we? :)
Can you tell that my sis is marrying into a family that already loves her to pieces? :)
And this is what I have to say about this last one: 


Amanda said...

What a sweet garden party!! So fun, I wish I could come. :)

Jenny said...

Looks like a beautiful party.