Thursday, February 09, 2012

Pirates and princesses and teacups, oh my!

Disneyland was the perfect end to our sunny adventure. And that's that.

Angela and Kyle were absolute troopers; I think Disneyland doesn't hold quite as much wonder to native Californians as it does born and raised Washingtonians, but they cheerfully ran around with us for 11 hours... and they said they'd do it again!

Kyle has proven himself to be one of the best coaster buddies ever. His riding stamina matches our own - 2 or 3 times in a row, no problem! - and he quite clearly makes faces that are fantastic :)

We foolishly thought we could get through California Adventure in an hour or two, and we were wrong. Some of the fun was already shut down for the night once we ran through the gates, and certain rides closed a little bit early because of the fireworks show at 8:00, but it's OK, and do you know why? It just means we have to visit again! :)

Of all the rollercoasters we've ridden, I think this is my very favorite. Corkscrews and loops and dips and turns, especially under a night sky with twinkling lights everywhere = faces that were sore from smiling and laughing and screaming :) And, Kyle strikes again! :)

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