Friday, February 03, 2012

California mishmash

Our trip south was actually work-related; Jan Michael had training in Tustin, and while he spent his days learning all kinds of new things and expanding his mind, I pretended to be a sloth at the hotel. Really, I'm surprised my muscles didn't atrophy. Anyway, after his training each day, we got down to the business of having fun.

Among many other things, there was a lovely walk in the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve, driving in our zippy rental car with the windows down and Def Leppard blaring (and other drivers rolling their eyes, probably), the very awesome Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour (cameras FORBIDDEN!), laughing to ourselves at people wearing earmuffs in 65 degree weather - wimps! :), evenings spent jumping between the swimming pool and the hot tub, gigantor ice cream cones, thanking our lucky stars that Seattle traffic is nothing like the mess in Los Angeles, and...

Celebrating Angela's birthday at Farrell's with sundaes and great fanfare:

Basking in an amazing southern California sunrise:

An afternoon at the dog park with Angela and our favorite schnauzzer, Abi:

Stuffing ourselves at Bruxie's, the most delicious waffle spot ever. Between us, Jan Michael and I ate two bacon, egg & cheddar waffles, one Brussels waffle with maple syrup, and one Creme Brulee waffle. Please imagine an enormous waffle stuffed with vanilla creme, burnt raw sugar and strawberries, and you will understand my lack of self-control. I will be in big, bad trouble if they ever decide to plunk themselves down in the Pacific Northwest - but I sort of hope they do!

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