Sunday, January 01, 2012

A New Year's Eve glimpse

First, I love this picture. Second, New Year's Eve is not New Year's Eve around here without pigs-in-a-blanket. What you see above is the very beginning of our wild goose chase yesterday morning in search of Little Smokies. Three grocery stores later & we found them :)

The party officially started when Eric, Tessa and Miss E arrived, and we commenced with the eating. There was a vast amount of cheese - enough to make a person lactose intolerant, I think; there were also White Christmas cupcakes (on my new cake stand!) and S'mores (in my new toaster oven!) with homeade graham crackers (so easy, and so much better than the old store-boughts!)

There were games and the mention of fun things in the new year and a good-night, sleep-tight to Miss E. And then, we decided to have a very serious discussion about very serious things:

Somewhere after the clock struck midnight, we hugged each other goodnight and the three of them rode off into the night while the two of us dragged our happy selves to bed.

And so 2012 begins... :)

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