Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In a nutshell

Our last 4 days went something like this:

- Lemon curd and blueberry french toast
- Queen Anne:
- the waterfront
- Pike Place
- the aquarium:
- the opera
- the total domination of girls over boys, Cranium style
- gingerbread & whipped cream (thank you, Bill & Sheryl!)
- Rock Band until the wee hours:
- more games
- fried rice & fortune cookies
- more & more games
- shopping for girly bath essentials, husbands excluded
- the Museum of Doll Art, no boys allowed
- 500 different kinds of Coke & Fanta, courtesty of Taco Time
- lots of laughing, a little less sleep

And the very, very best part - a dear friendship cemented for the ages:
Angela, we started missing you the minute you walked through the airport doors! We can't wait for next time! :)

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