Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Down & Dirty, live action style

Jan Michael, our sis, Caleb and Craig shot out of the blocks like rockets and were the first to encounter the (first!) fire hose. There's nothing like running 3 miles in a full suit when you're soaked to the skin!

I wasn't able to keep up with the blistering pace set by the Fantastic Four, so I fell behind. Let's remember, though, that I was the most elderly member of Team Jan Michael, and I claim that as my excuse. Now please pardon me while I take my nightly dose of Geritol.

A synchronized roll from my husband and my sis? I would expect nothing less.

While the rest of us hoofed it out on the course, the end was was sight for the speed demons...

The great reveal of the Superman shirt! ... but it's tricky even for a super hero to hold his ground when his shoes have been sucked off by the mud :)

Just like the chocolate river in 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!'

Hearing the cheers of my extraordinary family was worth every single second of the hour and a half it took to hose off and clean up :)

Isaac, Natalie and Jen finish in fine form! Have I mentioned the vast quantities of awesomeness our friends possess?

And for the grande finale, Jan Michael, our sis, Craig and I took a victory lap through the mud together. It takes some dedicated athletes to leap back in for a second go-around!

At the end, after we'd all crossed the finish line, the twelve of us gathered together and nearly succombed to hypothermia while rinsing off in fire hoses that were spraying water from what was obviously a Norwegian fjord. But what's a few blue faces and numb fingers when you're high on life, accomplishment and good, old fashioned fun?!

Oh, what a charmed, charmed life we lead. Happy 35th birthdays FOR SURE.

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Lynn said...

Oh my dear goodness gracious at the mud! Makes me want to crawl in some mud. And have some fun! I LOVE it. :)

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