Thursday, August 06, 2009

No place like home!

Toward the end of July we spent an entire Saturday with Caleb, Jen and their three little ones, Ocean, Jaguar and Denekew, exploring along the coast. As much as we love to travel, I think we could spend our whole lives running around Washington and hardly even scratch the surface of all there is to see in our own back yard.
Our first stop was a park in Anacortes. We had a picnic, hiked to the cliff's edge and climbed trees - a good start to the day!

I love the look on Dene's face here - Jan Michael was pointing out a boat, I think. We heard lots about boats from Dene that day :)
And I love this because it so totally captures the essense of Dene; he's the jolliest little guy we've ever known, and his laugh is infectious.
Jan Michael had never been to Deception Pass, which I could hardly believe, so naturally we spent a good bit of time walking back and forth across the bridge and prowling around below.

The waves were awfully big and rough; this was one time I was happy to be on land instead of in a canoe or kayak!
This was our third stop, and I can't remember the name of the park, but we could see for miles and miles, and there was lots of room for running around and investigating.

We decided to stop at this little section of beach on a whim, and were so glad we did! The waves were majestic and deafening, and we could have spent hours taking it all in. It was unanimously voted best-part-of-the-day; even Ocean was willing to put it above Jan Michael's discovery of a snake in the grass a few minutes earlier :)

There was lots and lots of rock skipping here, although eventually Ocean's rocks became boulders that were almost too big to even pick up :)

I really enjoyed watching this gentleman; I wonder if he noticed me snapping away with the camera...

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mames said...

beautiful! I have never been there either. will have to put it on our must have list!